Thursday, 5 May 2016

Factors That Help To Build A Successful Marriage

Salam and good morning everyone!Now I am really in the mood to make my second entry in my cuties blog (*saying thank you to my blogger's neighbour Yanadei cause give me the motivation).I would like to share my point with you about successful marriage (I got this point from 1 program that I had joined a few days ago).

Most couples want their marriages to be successful right?Whenever they hear of marriages breaking up and ending in divorce,they never think that it will ever happen to them.And yet,somewhere between 40-50 percent of marriages today end in divorce.

Why is this so and what contributes to a successful marriage?There are several factors which may influence a couples's chances of a successful marriage.

  1. Attitude - Couples who practice a 'give and take' policy have better chances of having happy marriages.                                                                                                                 
     2.Common Interests - Couples who share common interests and enjoy the same activities are more         likely to participate in activities together.In this way,they have more opportunities to enjoy each           others company,develop a better understanding of each other and build a more solid                             relationship. 
      3.Do Opposites Attract? In general,the more similar a couple's background is,in terms of                        education,religion,nationality and social status,the less differences there will be and the                        better the chances of success in marriage. 

      4.Communication - Happily married couples tend to talk to each other more often,be more                      sensitive to each other's feelings and use non-verbal communication more effectively.

Many couples may not have all of these factors and may still have successful marriages.
Others,despite having most of these factors in their favour,may still fail in their marriages.A lot depends on the couples' commitment and how much each one is willing to make the marriage work.A marriage needs careful thought and great effort from both parties to keep it happy.That's all from me sweeties!Keep reading forward for the next entry  >_<

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