Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Healthy and Fitness

I do admit that im having a breakdown point which is im starving for being healthy and fitness at the same time. What can i do? So i take one of the secret weapon which is "Jogging". Isnt that great? At first attempt i would love to say that im so done with it. Struggling with my breathe which is sounds like im trying pull over 40 guys at the same time. It was a horrible moment. I wont put it as my favourite admired scene that im hope its going to repeat over and over. Through the exercises ive been doing when im in Palapes, so its kinda helped me a lot. Increasing my mentality that i can do it till the end. Whenever you said you cant, so obviously you cant. I've been experienced it for all the time. When you're doing the exercise, dont think about how to get loose. Think on how to win. Sometimes when i actually can finish all the wish list, i would be so grateful to the infinity.

So here some tips on how burning your calories in weird ways

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