Sunday, 8 May 2016

Happiness at Your Doorstep

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Salam and good evening everybody!Most people don't mind spending a lot of money to find happiness.They would pay to go on expensive vacations,buy the latest gadgets and do other things that cost a lot of money but,unfortunately,such thrills don't last very long.Actually there is one thing that can give us lasting happiness and it's right here at home.This "thing" is called family.

Let me highlight this with an example.On her 9th birthday,my younger sister,Liyana,indicated that she want a new bicycle.She had outgrown her old bike which we bought when she was a small girl.So,my father and I went shopping for a bigger and better bike for her.Inside the bicycle shop,we were amaized at the many choices available.

Cycling is a big past time in our family and we go cycling as often as possible.Unfortunately,at that time,we would rent bikes because we didn't have a bike for everyone.So,I decided to buy additional bikes.In fact,we bought three more so that we would have six,one for each member of the family.The only thing is we ordered them online and we are still waiting for delivery.But that has not stopped our fun as we still have three bikes available for use every day.

We take turns to cycle,two at a time,around our neighborhood. We are lucky to have a bike-friendly neighbourhood with few cars and an open pathway.We can go around without worrying about being knocked down by speeding drivers.Our family takes full advantage of this opportunity.When we have time to spare,be it in the morning or late afternoon,we would take the bikes for a few rounds.The experiences is priceless.It's hard to beat the exciting feeling of cycling with your siblings while lovingly chasing and having fun together.The best part is it doesn't cost anything to do so.Well,maybe in the beginning we had to pay for the bikes.But it's well worth the investment because each bike can last a long time,if not a life time.That's all from me.Keep reading guys! <3

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