Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Where We Are Heading To?

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Today,I had a little time to spend with all of you.
How are you? May Allah blessing us in our daily life until this second.This week was a busy week like a bee..arghh..With numerous of assignment and the presentation that come such everyday that I need to be prepared.But whatever it is,that was a normal situation for a uni student like us right?

Me and you must go through all of this little obstacle to get the precious knowledge that will beneficial to our whole life later.Like playing a game,we need to pass a small obstacle until to the difficult level before got the first place or the game will over if we just stop at some level.

So today,I want to give you some tips about developing our own identity.I got this tips,from the second day of 1MRyD class last weekend.

For your information,the universities and higher education that was the place we study now is actually a good place to begin the development of our characters and social responsibility.There are 3 steps that we can compare how we build our self-esteem:

  1. How we imagine we appear to others?
  2. How we react to the way others judge us?
  3. How we develop ourself through those judgements?
Then,the other things that all of us need to know are there are some main factor that can influences our identity that we will build:

  • Parental influences
  • Socio cultural influences
  • Scholastic influences
  • Cognitive influences

All of the main factor are the factor that just happen around us.Thats why it was important who we choose to be friend with.Lastly,there are 7 ways to develop personal integrity:
  1. Respect other people's belongings.
  2. Find out if there is any behaviour which you need to change.
  3. Check on your progress.
  4. Try to discover why you are lacking in certain aspects of personal integrity.
  5. Do the best to overcome our immoral behaviour.
  6. Be truthful to yourself and others.
Our identity or our autonomy is very important as it reflects our character through our interpersonal relationships with others.University is a perfect place for you and me to reflect and develop our personal identities.Try to cultivate rapport with everyone around us,and practice  personal and academic integrityIt is not always about where we have been,but most times, it's where it has  brought us and where we would like to go from there.

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