Monday, 9 May 2016

Proper Table Manners

Every thing in life is a learning experience whether you mean it to be or not in fact most thing we learn are by accident. Even sitting on the couch watching TV, you can learn something weather your watching the news and learning about the society or just eating potato chips and watching cartoons learning about yourself that you are lazy or that you need to take up as a hobby. 

So today,I want to tell all of my beloved followers about my experience during the last annual dinner that I had attended.On 28/4/2016,I'm having dinner at EDC Hotel,Sintok. It was the first time I would having dinner at the hotel formally.During the eating time,I am having a culture shock when there is a waitress that stand behind me to pour some water.I become pity to her when she need to do for me all of the simple thing that actually I can do by myself.There is also have napkin and i don't know how to use it.Then,the waitress help me with the napkin. hahaa...Actually it was an embarrassing moment to me.

After the dinner,I tried my best to find as many as possible information about proper table manners.Now,then I will share to all of you.

  1.   When you get napkin,put in on your lap until you finish your meal.
  2. If you want yo go to the restroom,leave the napkin on a chair so that the waiter know that you will come back.
  3. During eating the appetizer,do not use a knife to cut the bread.
  4. You need to hold a stemmed glass by the stem to keep a cold drink from becoming warm.
  5. After you have completed your meal,you should fold the napkin partly.
That's all from me.Enjoy your dinner happily!


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