Friday, 13 May 2016

How You Communicate?

Hello there! I'm back! 

This morning I was attending college program that was 1MRyD program.It was a compulsory program that we need to attend.The lecturer was giving us a talk about interpersonal relationship.So, as usual I will share it with all of you.

Interpersonal skill are the skill that we use each day to communicate and interact with other people.People who know how to communicate effectively are usually perceived as friendly,out-going and possess other appealing qualities as well.There are four types of interpersonal relationship that are family,friendship,professional and romantic.

The interpersonal skills in university are very important because it help us to communicate with family,roomate,friends,lecturers and other people around us.All student need to learn this skill because it was the main important in communication.

Other than that,we also need to know the obstacle in the interpersonal relationship.There are 7 point that I had jotted down.

  1. Avoiding reality
  2. Can't find commonality
  3. Dedication void
  4. Lost in interest
  5. Can't forgive
  6. Saying yes to everything
  7. Reaching exhaustive phase
Next,she was lecturing us how to overcoming the interpersonal relationship problems.Firstly,we can build rapport.Secondly,we can show emphaty.Third,create trust among us.Then,we must have a mutual expectations.Lastly,give space to yourself and others.

Thats all from me.Hopefully all of this tips can help you in your daily life to communicate with others.See you next entry! bye-bye

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