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Pose as Albert Estein...ahaks

Let me tell you about myself.My name is Afifah Zawani bt Mohd Noor(239232), and I am in year 1 at Northern University of Malaysia.My friends call me Zawani and thats why Zawaneeo's are existed!My birthday is on 26th November 1996 and it makes me 20 this year.I love reading books because it can make me become more inspirational to achieve my life's goal (get a nice work,buy my own car & house,send my mum and dad to Mecca,take care of my siblings,contribute to religion,etc...)
I am studying in Agribussiness field.That's was my mum's choice and I accept it because I believe on mum's blessing to success on this world.Other than that,I also don't know what to further my studies after I got an unstatisfied SPM's result.
I have 6 family members including my beloved parent and 4 of us.I am the oldest while 3 of my younger sister are still in high school.I hope I can be a good example for my siblings.
As the older sister,I have condemned myself to be a success. Words of faith are the only thing that keeps me steadily walking along my path to success. That is why I engraved it upon my soul to be a success. My motto is that success is my only option failure is not. With this motto and my strong spirit I cannot and will not be stopped or even postponed from achieving the best. My spirit is my strongest quality and it cannot be destroyed by anyone.
My hometown is in Raub,Pahang.
After I complete my final exam next month in June,surely I will straight go back to my hometown! Home sweet home~~

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